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Konzert von Mara Miribung am 18. Februar 2023

Sad Songs for a Crocodile A song, a cello, a troubadour. As life trashed her heart, Mara spent most of the Corona Lockdown in bed. Mainly crying. Rather large crocodile tears.

Once she realized that numbing out on alcohol and cigarettes wasn’t a guaranteed shortcut, she wrote some songs.

Unfortunately — but unsurprisingly: sad songs. A concert in praise of melancholy. A celebration of fractured hearts. A few tears. A splash of humor. Expect a sad but unique performance of cellist troubadour Mara Miribung. Only for the brave.

18. Februar 2023, 19 Uhr im Café frühling

Das Konzert findet auf Spendenbasis statt. Die FrühlingsBar ist geöffnet.


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